Commerical Real Estate Development

Global Facilities Development (GDF) is a national real estate developer focused on the redevelopment, restoration and adaptive re-use of historic properties for high-tech and commercial uses. GFD leverages a tax based incentive program to help minimize capital expenditures on behalf of its tenants which to translates to a lower overall rental rate and operating expense model than traditional developers of commercial properties.

We are engaged in three related businesses, green commercial real estate development, global site selection consulting and the creation and syndication of tax credits. Our strength lies in locating appropriate properties, for our own investment or on behalf of our client's, in smart growth locations and then applying sustainability thinking and incentive based financing to create social and economic returns.

Global Facilities Development leverages management's longstanding experience with environmental remediation, green building and skill using complex community redevelopment financing to create a conservative portfolio of diverse green real estate assets in primarily urban locations.

We invest in areas and projects that serve a greater public purpose through highly leveraged economic incentive programs. Our results are measured in capital appreciation and income resulting from aggressive management as well as community economic development and new job creation.

"Corporations that fail to establish sales, support and distribution centers in close proximity to their customer markets may risk their very survival"

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